How to increase your in-store conversions using video analytics?

Author admin on August 2, 2022

Increase conversion rate

In the retail world of today, surveillance is often used as a tool to support and aid safety and security. Although this system is extremely useful, most retail owners do not realize that a large amount of underutilized surveillance data can help retailers with extended capabilities through AI-based video analytics solutions that can aid in increasing retail conversion.  From improving customer experience to measuring performance, and improving operational efficiency.

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How Video Analytics benefits Retail Outlets?

So, how can retailers utilize their previously existing surveillance systems? Adding AI-based technology that uses trained deep learning models to find, identify, and keep track of a number of customer-based and behavior-based metrics can help store owners dig deep into data to find out "Why" customers act the way they do and what drives or slows down business growth. They can also get real-time ground intelligence to improve the customer experience.

Furthermore, by integrating AIVID AI-based video analytics software into the current surveillance system, data from all cameras can be extracted and analyzed on a central dashboard. This allows retailers to gain richer insight into customer-related insight data.

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Video Analytics to increase in-store conversion

Retailers can examine data on an analytics dashboard that simplifies information to make intelligent decisions, which results in increased revenue, below are some of the Key parameters that contribute to conversion and how they can be measured with AI-based video analytics 

1. In count Analysis with Age and Gender

The first step to improving conversion is understanding the traffic pattern when it is least and when it is the most and who are the shoppers - Male, female, and the age group.

There are numerous methods for gathering this data. Sensors and manual entry are two of the most popular approaches. The issue with this strategy is that it is difficult to obtain correct data. This is where computer vision may assist. Computer vision is a technique that can count persons in a video without human intervention.

Whether you are looking to single out specific demography or seeking to understand the general overview of your customer, you can easily know how many shoppers walked into the store and how many went to the billing counter to understand your in-store conversion. You can also understand the impact of marketing initiatives like Sales, Promotional events, and new product line launches w.r.t visitor demographics visiting the store. 

KPI to measure

in count analysis

  • People Counting - Using surveillance system combined with AI you can understand your shopper traffic, peak times when shopper traffic is more, busiest hours of the day, and the busiest day of the week.
  • Customer Segmentation with demographics - Gain a better understanding of your customers’ profiles and deliver a better service according to your visitors’ demographics

2. Know where your shoppers are moving around in the store

Observing shopper traffic with the naked eye is nearly impossible. This is where video analytics powered by computer vision comes into play. It can help you keep track of people's movements through CCTV. 


customer movement tracking

KPI to measure

  • Analyze shopper time spent across areas in-store (Dwell Time) - Know which areas and aisles customers are spending more time, then aligning staff in those spots can help improve conversion.
  • Customer journey analysis - Track customer journey path inside the store to place important marketing material or new products in those areas to improve visibility and conversion.

3. Staff Customer interaction in store

customer interaction

Are your staff interacting with your customers, taking time to explain the products, and helping them with better options based on their needs?

Proper customer support in business is critical to improving the customer experience. If the consumer is not properly assisted, it might have a negative influence on in-store conversion. The better assisted a customer is, the higher the conversion ratio.

Using AI-based video analytics on your CCTV camera, analyze the below KPI 


KPI to measure

  • Assisted v/s unassisted customers Know if your customers are getting the assistance or if a maximum of your customers' visits are unassisted. Detect and track the times when customer service staff is not present and the customer is present and waiting for a set amount of time, a real-time notification can be sent to the store manager.
unassisted customers
  • Product counter-wise interaction analysis Check how much time customers are spending at each counter and what is the traffic pattern of customer interaction. This will help understand the why and why not behind the buy. If customers are interacting and not buying the problem could be the product design or staff behavior, or there could be a situation when the customer is waiting and there is no customer to serve them.
graph chart

  • Inactive state – No customer and no staff were present
  • Idle state – When staff was present but no customer is present
  • Waiting state – Customer is waiting as no staff was present
  • Interaction state– When customer and staff both are present and interacting 

4. Staff Availability at the billing and customer service counter

Customer service is a significant aspect of the conversion ratio since it creates an emotional connection between the consumer and seller. It strengthens consumer loyalty towards the company by offering a great customer experience in an engaging atmosphere, which makes them feel important and improves the overall brand image.

You can measure the following KPIs 

  • Staff presence duration - Detection of the total time spent by the staff 
  • Average engagement/ service time -  Average time spent on each customer for staff-customer engagement.
  • Number of guests served - Get insight into how many customers were served by the staff at the counter
  • Unattended guest - Understand the number of guests that got unattended at the billing counter, which may lead them to not buy the product or increase the queue. Real-time alert is sent to the store manager to take the required action.
  • Queue Detection at billing counters - Increase or decrease counters by assessing the total number of customers at each counter, customer wait time, and service time.

5. Develop an optimal product placement strategy for your store.

As previously said, an AI-powered video analytics platform can help you track the flow of visitors and visitor density around the store and help you measure the following KPIs.

heat map
  • Identify low-traffic regions - Through heatmap detection, you can learn where consumers are engaged and where traffic is low, which can help you modify store layout or product placement categories.
  • Identify prime marketing location - Get in-depth analysis to know which areas have the most traffic. This will assist you in determining the optimal location for any sales or promotional items.

LBX, China's largest pharmacy chain, utilized an AI-based surveillance system in their store to know if their product location was attracting customers. With the help of this information, they can analyze the promotion strategy and determine whether it is working or needs to be changed.


There is critical business insight that can be uncovered with the use of video, and multichain retailers can efficiently access and unlock that information using video analytics solutions. A simple 1% increment in conversion measuring the above KPI can have a much larger impact on revenue across all stores. With real-time ground truth, you decide on more refined strategies and increase conversion.

If you have any queries, talk to our experts, so they can show you the real-time application of this amazing technology and help you improve your store's security, efficiency, and conversion.

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If you have any queries, talk to our experts, so they can show you the real-time application of this amazing technology and help you improve your store's security, efficiency, and conversion.

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