Annotation Services

Aivid offers premium quality annotation services for multiple industries that help you easily categorize and tag objects to create an accurate dataset that improves your machine learning model.

  • Searchtext videos and images from your recorded data and share the curated dataset that you want to be annotated.
  • Our platform experts carry out data annotation and labeling with corresponding labels and keywords which improves object detection when used with the learning model.
  • Our team also webscraps publicly available images and videos to add more details and comprehensiveness to your dataset
  • You can extend this dataset to train or re-train customized models for your subscribed use cases
  • This will help to improve accuracy and reduce response time for your use cases

Annotation Service

Training custom models

Training Service

We’ve brought together a team of computer vision experts, so you can get the model you want developed or customized however you need it. Here’s how to get started:

  • Share your sample videos or images with us along with the requirements on use cases that you want to be implemented
  • Our expert teams pick and choose the best match of DL frameworks and models that can be trained to support your requirements
  • Validate these use cases by sharing longer duration videos or larger images and verify results instantly

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