Mitigate Risk, Ensure Safety and Drive Efficiency

AIVID Platform gives your teams the power to automate visual inspection tasks and easily manage standard operating procedures (SOP) by analyzing camera feeds. It helps you identify process compliance risks in real-time, discover business insights and drive efficiency across locations.

  • Security Compliance

    Security Compliance

  • Safety Compliance

    Safety Compliance

  • Hygiene Compliance

    Hygiene Compliance

  • Workplace Compliance

    Workplace Compliance

How we do it

AIVID BOTS | Vision based AI Assistants 

AIVID BOTS are AI based software assistants that emulate visual monitoring & inspection by independently executing critical, mundane repetitive tasks using camera feeds.  Pretrained AIVID Bots facilitate growth and efficiency by freeing your team to focus on higher-value tasks.

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Automate Inspection, reduce physical effort in monitoring

  • Pre-trained bots for the specific activity
  • Automated inspection round the clock
  • Real-time notifications and alerts

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Easily Integrate and Modify SOPs across locations

  • Monitor process adoption across locations
  • Insights to monitor impact of change
  • Instant problem

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Organization-wide continuous process improvement

  • Automated inspection reports
  • Automated action list against non-compliances
  • Location wise performance and trends

Why Choose AIVID

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Save Time & Money

Cut down on manual inspection time from hours to seconds with AI. Analyze activity in real-time and get instant inspection reports, helping your team maximize time for taking corrective actions.

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Accurate Insights

Pretrained bots for a specific activity, trained on your data ensure complete accuracy. Not alert storm but insights to drive action.

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Consistent Monitoring

Get rid of the subjectivity in human judgment while inspecting visual tasks. Be assured of consistency in inspection with AI Bots that work round the clock.

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Smart workload management

AI-based model self-learns and decides optimal use of resources for optimized power consumption, compute, and storage.

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Easy and Cost-Effective Installation

Retrofits existing IP cameras by connecting to a PoE or a switch inter-connected with the IP cameras.

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Scalable Cloud Storage

Upgrade cloud storage plans for on-cloud workload extensions to suit your needs. Extend your consumption plan with AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

Explore AIVID solution for your specific Industry

Our industry-specific solutions empower you to extract exponential value from live
and recorded video data

Automate Inspection of critical repetitive human visual inspection tasks