People counting

Demographic detection

Family count

Shoplifting detection

Staff-Customer Interaction Detection


Retail Space

Know about your store's unique visitor count, demography analysis, shoplifting detection in real-time and much more with video analytics software.

PPE detection

Crane hook lock detection

Line crossing detection

Intrusion detection

Fire detection

Industrial Safety

Integrate Artificial Intelligence to get real-time alerts on detection of fire, intrusion and several other insights.

Loaded/empty pallet detection

Box count

Guard patrolling detection

Package tracking

Warehouse & logistic

Integrate video analytics to automate operational processes such as inventory counting, get real-time alerts about guard absence, theft and other valuable insights to enhance warehouse efficiency and safety

Animal detection

Traffic congestion detection

Number plate & speed detection

Wrong way detection

Tipper open-close detection

Axle count

Vehicle classification detection

Road Safety

Automate traffic monitoring and management, analyse traffic behaviour, detect incidents in real-time and respond quickly with insight-driven video analytics solution

Staff availability at the front desk

Floor cleanliness detection

Person wait time detection

Mobile usage detection

Occupancy detection

Fall people detection


Harness video analytics to automatically monitor patients, analyse staff efficiency and trigger real-time alerts to personal falls and hazard situations.

Product defect detection

Loading/unloading detection

Product count

Industrial Automation

From automating inventory counting during loading/unloading time to detecting defective products, our cutting-edge video analytics solution streamlines your operations, increases efficiency and reduces cost.

Covered face detection

Theft detection


Safeguard your branches, ATMs and staff and discover more about your customer with our state-of-the-art video analytics technology

Vehicle log management


Protect your premises while optimizing staff and enhancing customer experience with real-time insights and actionable data.

Mitigate Risk, Ensure Safety and Drive Efficiency

AIVID empowers businesses to mitigate the risk of non-compliance and strive towards a safe & high-quality workplace by automating human observation-based SOP compliance & process inspections analyzing CCTV feed.

AIVID can be easily integrated with your existing IP camera setup to get you up and running quickly. With the capabilities of AIVID BOTS, our deep learning models trained to detect specific activities and send out real-time alerts.

Select from a predefined activity checklist powered by AIVID AI BOTS to get Automated Visual Inspection at a click of a button & generate real-time notifications, insights, and inspection reports for multiple locations. And all of this can be controlled with an easy-to-use cloud-based operations portal for managing the AIVID BOTS, checklists, pre-defined activities, and insights.

The platform is powered by the latest cloud technology supporting a distributed architecture. This enables efficiently scale to multiple locations, with multi-level hierarchy to easily add multiple sites under a cluster/ circle and allows processing at the edge by sending only processed data from each site to the centralized server, thus reducing bandwidth requirement.

How we do it

AIVID BOTS | Vision based AI Assistants

AIVID BOTS are AI based software assistants that emulate visual monitoring & inspection by independently executing critical, mundane repetitive tasks using camera feeds.  Pretrained AIVID Bots facilitate growth and efficiency by freeing your team to focus on higher-value tasks.

Automate Inspection, reduce physical effort in monitoring
  • Select a sensor to automate inspection for a specific activity around the clock
  • Pre-trained bots for the specific activity
Continuous intelligence insights
  • Automate inspection reports to monitor process adherence across all the locations anytime anywhere
  • Real-time insights & trends across all sites to make better data-driven improvements
Real-time notifications
  • Detect anomalies and get alerts about them in real time
  • Get instant notifications and alerts via WhatsApp / E-mail / SMS

Our Clients

Our Partners

Why Choose AIVID


Works With Existing IP Cameras

Easily integrate AIVID BOTs with your existing IP camera system, for a seamless and cost-effective setup.


Central Visibility

The intuitive and easy-to-navigate AIVID dashboard empowers decision-makers to inspect real-time insights across locations with central control.


No GPU Needed

Our video analytics technology can operate seamlessly without the need for GPUs. This innovative approach helps in ensuring efficient processing power, setting your business apart with performance and savings.


95%+ Committed Accuracy

Our commitment to 95%+ accuracy means that you can trust AIVID Techvision for reliable, precise and actionable data insights from your video footage.


Flexible Pricing

Catering to diverse budgets and business scales, we offer flexible pricing options tailored to suit your specific requirements, ensuring affordability and value at every step.


Flexible 3rd Party Integration

Seamlessly integrate video analytics with third-party data sources such as Point of Sales(POS), Access and Security Controls to get real-time information about your environment.


5G ready

Our advanced software can easily integrate with 5G networks, ensuring lightning-fast data processing to provide real-time insights with unparalleled efficiency.


Save Time & Money

Cut down on manual inspection time from hours to seconds with AI. Analyze activity in real-time and get instant AI Inspection reports, helping your team maximize time for taking corrective actions.


Consistent Monitoring

Get rid of the subjectivity in human judgment while inspecting visual tasks. Be assured of consistency in inspection with AI Bots that work round the clock.

brand model agnostic

Brand Model Agnostic

Our software is universally compatible as it integrates seamlessly with any company surveillance system, ensuring optimal performance across diverse systems and devices.
edge base process

Edge Base Processing

The system only stores non-compliant instances, thus reducing video storage to 1/10th, resulting in optimizing storage resources while ensuring critical data is retained for analysis and compliance purposes.

multi site distributed

Multi Site Distributed Architecture

Our video analytics software leverages multi-site distributed architecture, ensuring seamless scalability and real-time insights across organization level i.e from store manager to CEO, resulting in enhancing efficiency across multi-level organization.
Automate Inspection of critical repetitive human visual inspection tasks
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