Smarter Business Insights with Video Intelligence

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Get to the ‘Why’ or ‘Why not’ behind the ‘Buy’

The modern retail store needs an approach like digital commerce! In the digital or online store, it is possible to track consumer behavior, where customers are spending time, and what they're liking, which produces insights that drastically help increase sales. As a brick-and-mortar store, you don't have such visual insight from store traffic, due to which it becomes difficult to identify which actions can drive toward effective outcomes to increase sales.

The current systems help identify the "What but for the "why" and "how," it doesn't offer many clues.


AIVID is an AI & Computer vision-based video analytics platform that enables retail owners to mine in-store insights that help understand why and why not of the buy-in terms of customer behavior, staff planning & operational efficiency across all stores for smarter business insights and conversion. The platform leverages existing cameras and does not require special cameras, thus saving substantial cost of deployment.

  • Easily configure AIVID Bots using our pre-defined checklist.
  • Get real-time anomaly alerts.
  • View operational and compliance insights from all locations on one unified dashboard with Vision Insights.


Smarter Business Insights with Video Intelligence

Security Compliance

Store Operations

  • Customer Conversion Ratio
  • Staff Presence time at service counter
  • Customer engagement analytics
  • Customer Wait time (Queue)
  • Unattended guest
  • Staff to Customer Ratios


Workplace Compliance


  • Product placement and visit density heatmap
  • Dwell Time at each product aisle
  • Visual merchandising compliance


Safety Compliance

Loss and Prevention

  • Missing object alert
  • Faster investigation
  • POS exception alerting
  • Shutter /Open Close detection


Hygiene Compliance


  • Shopper segmentation- age, gender
  • Visual insights from store post Campaign and promotion
  • Window effectiveness and signage analytics


Control Inventory

Prevent losses out of inventory shrinkage, uncover gaps in inventory records, and initiate investigations to fix accountability.

Manage Store

Get information on customer traffic in-store patterns and peaks, and more. Understand customer footfall, service quality by allocating more staff to high demand areas of the store.

Enhance Customer

Create a positive customer experience customize in-store promotions to create favorable buying conditions for customers.

Save time and money with automated vision inspection

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