About Us

About Us

Who we are

AIVID TechVision empowers businesses to mitigate the risk of non-compliance and strive towards a safe & high-quality workplace by automating human observation-based process inspection.

As the name symbolizes, AIVID leverages AI & Computer vision technology to analyze video feeds in real-time for automated inspection and review.

: A. I. for your Video

The Fuel that Drives Us Every Day

Our Vision & Mission:

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We foresee a workplace where every process-owner works with AIVID Bots, liberating humans to focus on creating value and solving intellect-demanding challenges, leading to fulfillment and optimal productivity for all.

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To enable organizations to automate mundane, repetitive human observation-based process inspection and drive continuous process improvements backed by real-time insights across all locations.

Our Guiding Principles for Business, Work, and Beyond

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Lead with a Spirit of Innovation

Innovate to make humans more productive and efficient using technology

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Work with Passion

Fuel all our work with passion that drives everyone to walk the extra mile with a smile.

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Continuous Improvement

Excellence is not a steady-state value. It is a process we keep finding room for improvement.

Our Technology Foundation:

Our Framework for Leadership and Growth

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Deep learning

Leveraging deep learning algorithms to detect objects and patterns with significant accuracy and precision.

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Operating at a Scale

Scalable platform automating optimal infrastructure utilization storage, power, and compute at scale.

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User Privacy

While security, safety, and surveillance are important, We believe in user privacy by complying with data governing policies.

The AIVID Team

We are a young team driven by the collective vision to unleash tech’s exponential power to disrupt what exists today to bring in innovations for a safer and secure tomorrow.

Our team is passionate about deep learning, AI, web technologies that simplify process automation capabilities at scale.

Spearheaded by Technology Entrepreneurs with:

  • 22+ Years of Experience
  • Track-record of having created multiple profitable ventures
  • Created 10x value for investors and employees
  • A vision to scale, having grown teams from 4 members to 1000+

Dhaval Vora

Co-Founder & CEO, AIVID TechVision

Dhaval brings over 22 years of experience in Product Management and Customer Engagement. His deep understanding of customer pain & Technology led to the launch of multiple products that scaled to meet the needs of some of the largest global telcos & resulted in 10x growth for Elitecore. He was a founding team member of Elitecore (now STL Software), he built teams and led 700 employees to adopt successful agile product delivery practices.

Passionate about AI & Computer vision, Dhaval founded AIVID with the vision to solve critical but repetitive tasks using automation leaving humans to focus on value creation.

Nikhil Jain

Co-Founder & CSO, AIVID TechVision

Nikhil has been the flagbearer of growth at Elitecore Technologies. A Tech innovator, he has been a driving force behind building two global brands: Cyberoam -Network security UTM and CRESTEL – Telecom OSS/BSS. He was instrumental in Elitecore raising capital from The Carlyle Group and spun off Cyberoam & Crestel into an independent entity, yielding $100 million in enterprise valuation.

Nikhil’s sharp focus on customer success and partner enablement brings success to many firms as an advisor.

With AIVID, Automate inspection and transform video feeds into actionable intelligence in real time.
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