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Automation & Intelligence on video

Discover how AIVID platform can help you maximize your investment in video surveillance

Here’s how it works
  • Select activity from predefine checklist
  • Plug & play using existing IP camera
  • Scale to multiple locations
  • Single platform to monitor all sites from a central hub
  • Real-time alerts & notifications
  • Automate inspection report for internal audit & review
  • Health status monitoring for connected camera

Value Benefit realised with AIVID BOTS







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View FAQs and Get clarity on all questions on AIVID Platform, its capabilities, unique features, pricing and more

1. What is Video analytics?

Video analytics are important for video surveillance systems. Video analytics software generates insights by analyzing collected video footage with rules and algorithms. These insights can then be used to make better assessments about an event that happened, and for smart search incidents for compliance and reporting purpose.

Video analytics software generate automatic alerts and trends by analysing video feeds in real time.

ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) is a global protocol and global forum that allows different surveillance and security devices from different manufacturers to operate together seamlessly. They have created several categories for compliance to make it easier for companies to create products that are compatible with other manufacturers. For more details,

The current Surveillance displays camera footage on Video Wall or the Control Room and is manually tracked (24X7) by the operators, for an event or an incident. However, this is a tedious and inefficient way of vigilance. With Automated inspection using AI it can aid in

  • Impartial inspection and can operate in danger zones
  • Does not suffer from fatigue
  • Processes images more quickly
  • Makes faster and more accurate and precise calculations

AIVID offers predefined AI Checklist with defined workflow and associates Deep learning model. You simply need to select from predefined checklist and follow the steps to automate the inspection of the checklist/ activity.

1. How does AIVID work?

Great! If you have decided to automate your visual inspections with AIVID. That’s a Step towards Efficiency and Quality. AIVID offers simple ready to deploy platform with intuitive visual interface to select from predefined activity & associated AIVID BOTS to automate inspection at a click of a button across all locations. It generates real-time insights and inspection reports visible at central location & remote location.

For Automating your Processes with AIVID, the User will just need to

  • Select the Checklist Safety , security , Hygiene or workplace with associated activities
  • For each ACTIVITY, select the KPI to measure such as Vehicle Speed detection etc the user will need to establish rules with corresponding camera sources.
  • Finally, configure ALERTS and notifications
  • Use Dashboards to monitor the insights.

AIVID adds a new dimension of intelligence with Automated inspection.

Admins can add the existing CCTV Cameras to the system. They may define logical zones and configure specific Rules or schedule Conditional Alerts.

These trained AIVID Bots will digitally analyze videos from multiple CCTV Cameras, to identify key incidents, objects, and activities. The system can send alerts and notifications proactively and in real time.

The Smart video search feature quickly search video of incidents at fingertips.

AIVID BOTS are intelligent, robotic inspectors (24X7) that will automate visual inspection & measurement of work processes (SOPs) with significant accuracy, precision, and speed using CCTv camera feeds, making your team more productive and leaving room for creativity.

  • AIVID BOTS are automated, ML-based, Deep-Learning Models, Pre-trained for a specific task by AIVID.
  • They send In-Built notifications and alerts for anomalies, deviations, and key observations
  • Trigger Automatic Actions related to Non-Compliance

View all AIVID BOTs.

AIVID BOTS generate automated inspection PDF reports that are sent to authorized users to describe the compliance status of activity with video/ image proofs. It can be delivered to you in your inbox as scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly.

AIVID Operation Portal provides you with a Unified Dashboard that gives you a complete view of all 100s locations compliance status, you can drill down to any particular Site, Branch or Zone to view specific information.

YES. You can view the health of system’s resources like Sites, Nodes, Sensors (cameras), AIVID BOTS, Activities, Storages for performance & prevents future risks/sufferings in terms of resource. In case of threshold is breached the system can send out alert to authorised personnel.

YES. AIVID Platform architecture is very flexible, scalable and expandable. It allows to integrate other third-party via API.

For example, A Bank may require the surveillance issues to be logged down for a future resolution in the “Ticketing or Help Desk Software”. OR

A Bank/Hospital may want an alert to be able to trigger an electronic SIREN or a HOOTER!

Hence, an Open Source, API-based CMS, CCC, VMS, Ticketing system, NVR, DVR or IP Sensors/ Devices can be easily integrated within the AIVID Operations Portal.

AIVID Platform provides intuitive Dashboards for central monitoring to different levels of people in the organization.

For Example

  • Zonal Operations Manager/ IT Operations Head
  • Security Heads

Hence, the Operation portal allows the Administrator to manage user’s/user groups with its in-built User management. It also provides a Single Sign-off using LDAP/ Active Directory integration to manage a full-fledged User Access and Authorization.

AIVID Nodes are the core Deep learning engine on which AIVID Bots run for which we require the hardware. We provide following 3 Configurations of AIVID Nodes. For detailed info

AIVID support all cameras through ONVIF discovery. You can leverage your existing video surveillance setup for AI based detection. For a specific requirement please write to us

1. What are the deployment options available?

Depending on the existing client environment and requirements, we provide THREE Deployment Options.

  • Cloud-Based Deployment
  • In Premises Deployment
  • Edge-based Deployment

YES, AIVID platform can integrate with existing IP and analogue CCTV Cameras that store data in NVR /DVR can be connected.

But Digital Security/ IP Cameras are more preferred as they can receive and send data over a computer network rather than going through a DVR first. They also provide better image resolution and data processing capabilities.

Yes AIVID platform supports multiple locations with its distributed architecture. You easily add 100s of locations to monitor from the operations portal and deploy AIVID across all locations easily from the central operations portal.

AIVID enables edge based data processing, and so if internet connectivity is lost it will still process the data locally. And when internet is up push the metadata to central server either or cloud or on premise.

If the camera stops working AIVID platform will send out alert to the relevant team so that it can be checked, and corrective actions be taken.

AIVID offers a Capex as well as subscription-based pricing model per BOT/ per Node. Minimum 10 camera deployment with 3 years contract.

The technology is new, and we wouldn’t want you to face any issues, hence we advise our clients to sign up for at least 3 years AMC. We continuously retrain our BOTS the same will be available to you for continuous upgrade and improved accuracy.

AI is the new vision

As organizations expand globally, it becomes difficult to monitor and inspect facilities on a continual basis. AIVID provides a scalable solution that leverages AI to automate inspection processes across multiple locations with high accuracy
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