Our Platform

Experience the power of Computer Vision and Deep learning

Our Platform

Experience the power of Computer Vision and Deep learning

AI Powered Inspection Automation Platform

AIVID Platform leverages AI and Deep Learning to automate mundane, repetitive, and manual processes Inspections. It empowers decision-makers to automatically inspect standard operating procedures across locations with central control.

The platform aggregates camera feed data for automated inspection reports and drives visual process improvement based on real-time insights. The technology has the boundless potential of application across Banks, Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail, and Smart Cities to generate more value with video data.

How It Works

AIVID Platform Components

  • Customer Operation Portal
  • Connect to cameras/ Sensors
  • Manage Process Checklists & AIVID BOTS organization wide
  • Delegate operations to users using AIVID explore
  • Set Alerts and Notifications for daily report inspection & insights
  • Schedule auto inspection across location
  • SOS Alerts for prompt actions
  • Subscription management & Health management
AIVID Customer Operations Cloud Diagram
  • Deep-Learning algorithms trained by AIVID
  • In-Built notifications and alerts for anomalies, deviations, and key observations
  • Trigger Automatic Actions related to Non Compliance
  • Safety, Security, Hygiene, Workplace, Customer BOTS
  • Deep learning engine on which AIVID Bots run
  • Integrates with IP Sensors (camera)
  • Deployed at each customer location
  • Compatible with COTS Hardware
  • Deployable at Edge, On-Premise, or Cloud
  • Mobile App for monitoring alerts and notification on the move
  • Live view of performance & Auto inspection reports
  • Monitoring Health of AIVID Nodes deployed at location
  • Type-Search Videos in seconds across locations
AIVID Explore
Easily Deploy and Scale to Multiple locations with central control

Platform Highlights


  • Get all the insights on one screen, aggregated from a large set of camera feeds spread across sites or sourced from one sight.
  • Run visual searches across locations/Nodes in minutes.
  • The on-demand scale of compute resources, new device activation on nodes, and AIVID BOTSs in real-time.

Deep Learning

The AIVID BOTSs use computer vision, AI, and deep learning. They are pre- trained to detect, identify, analyze, and self learn from data for Continuous Improvement and accuracy.

Ease of Setup

The technology seamlessly retrofits existing IP Cameras & NVRs by connecting to a POE for a switch interconnected with the devices. Switch on the power for AIVID Pod, register, and get started.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Get access to upgraded plans for cloud storage with public cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Workload Management

The AI model is adaptive and dynamically allocates resources based on consumption patterns, peak & off-peak times, and latency threshold. This unlocks optimal:

Power Consumption
It self-learns about the “no activity in video” time slots for every camera source repeatedly and revisits compute allocation to save power.

Storage Consumption
Video streams are stored in an SD format when there is no activity.

Compute Availability
The technology analyses peak and off-peak time times to evaluate movement and coverage. AIVID consumes hardware resources based on this activity or software-based sensors, removing the need for additional motion sensors. The off-peak time is utilized to leverage unused compute for managing peak time use-cases, reverting to the mean add levels later.

Mutli Deployment Options

AIVID Platform support multiple deployment options; we let you choose
deployment models based on your business requirement

Discover how AIVID can help your organisation Automate Mundane Repetitive Vision based process inspection

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