Work in an environment that values constant innovation

All great careers are built on commitment, passion, feedback, and room for growth between the employee and the employer. Since the expectations are so similar, shouldn’t we be called partners? That is the exact approach we take with our team at AIVID Techvision.

If you seek a fulfilling career, a team that actively invests in growth, and rewards creative thinking – we invite you to explore opportunities with us.

Why Work with Us?

We are a young, dynamic team on a mission to enable organizations to automate mundane, repetitive human observation-based process inspection.

We foresee a future where every process-owner works with AIVID Bots, liberating humans to focus on creating value and solving intellect-demanding challenges, leading them to be far more productive and fulfilled.

We work every day towards realizing our mission and vision; if you are excited about creating a positive difference in the world using AI and computer vision, join us be a part of our team.

Current Openings

AIVID BOT Developer- CV Engineer
As a CV Engineer you will be responsible for
  1. – Development & deployment of Deep Learning Models on cloud-native technologies
  2. – Finetuning models for tailored applications
  3. – Generating actionable intelligence from AIVID BOT inspections
  4. – Using sequential Deep Learning frameworks to form automated pipeline
Skills & Experience
  1. – Exposure in Deep Learning Open Source Frameworks like PyTorch, Tensorflow, OpenCV, Keras, Intel OpenVINO, Caffe, mxnet, ONNX.
  2. – Computer Vision knowledge such as reconstruction, feature detection, motion detection, object detection, object recognition segmentation, tracking and classification
  3. – Hands-on experience in frameworks like YOLO, TFOD, FastRCNN, Googlenet, Alexnet and other vision algorithms.
  4. – Fine tuning existing frameworks to be deployed on scalable systems to perform intelligent insights for tailored applications.
  5. – Identify and integrate new datasets that can be leveraged through our product capabilities
  6. – Strong in Statistics and Mathematics of AI
As a MLOps DevOps Engineer you will be responsible for
  1. – Work with teams to design and build cloud hosted, automated pipelines that run, monitor, and retrain ML Models for business applications
  2. – Design and implement Model and Pipeline validation procedures alongside teams of Data Scientists, Data Engineers and other ML Engineers
  3. – Optimize and refactor development code so that it can be moved to production
  4. – Assemble configurations and specifications to automatically build environments in production
  5. – Demo new projects and features to stakeholders and team members
As a Frontend Developer you will be responsible for
  1. – Define needs around maintainability, testability, performance, security, quality and usability for UI platform
  2. – Work closely with team to understand needs around client stakeholder management
  3. – Enable agile development of UI artifacts
  4. – Design, develop, and manage automated unit, integration and acceptance tests for all UI components
Skills needed
  1. – HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, SASS, JavaScript & Typescript
  2. – Familiarity with JavaScript frameworks such as Angular9
  3. – Proficiency with server-side languages such as Python or Nodejs
  4. – Experience in live projects done using Angular & Nodejs
What will you learn
  1. – Microservices based platform development
  2. – Enhance your skills, Becoming a full stack developer
  3. – Kubernetes compatible application architecture (cloud native) with AI/Deep Learning BOTs
Join us. Be part of an exciting journey and see your career grow exponentially!
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