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Corporate Profile

AIVID TechVision is a software product company leveraging AI to automate repetitive human observation-based process inspection for global enterprises. We offer our indigenously built platform using computer vision & deep learning technologies with simplified user experience.

AI-Driven Automated Inspection and Insights from Video

AI is disrupting a number of industries, and the same technology is shaping security and compliance into intelligent and automated processes with computer vision and deep learning.

Get to the 'Why' or 'Why not' behind the 'Buy'

Leverage Existing Video Surveillance Infrastructure

Automated Inspection Platform for Retail Pharmacy Stores

Retail pharmacies must ensure that operational guidelines are followed across their multiple locations. However, the sheer scale of operations spread across hundreds of stores makes it difficult to have visibility across all stores for compliance lapses that impact the overall business

Active Intelligence for Road and Highway

Traffic Rules Compliance & Safety

Enhance Guest Experience with Automation Inspection Platform

Leverage existing video surveillance infrastructure.

AI Based Detection for Healthcare

Automated inspection and insights from CCTV

Automate Inspection, Derive Insights and Drive Improvements at Scale.

Banks & financial institutions are required to ensure compliance to the strictest level for security, safety and smooth operations across their multiple branches and premises.

Industrial safety compliance and automated inspection

Using AI on existing video surveillance system

Automate Process compliance with AIVID Bots.
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