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Covered face detection

Staff Availability Detection

Theft detection

Floor Cleanliness

Accelerate adoption of regulatory SOPs and reduce risk of penalties

As financial institutions, you work diligently to ensure compliance to regulatory SOPs across branches that are distributed widely across. Following the strictest level of security and are required to meet regulatory compliances

But you do face Challenges

Geographically spread locations make adoption of the regulatory process a highly cumbersome and slow process

Audits are expensive and done periodically, based on insights from sample data, the impact of which is short-lived

Humongous effort spent on physical monitoring of process adherence across locations

AIVID platform enables your team to automate mundane, redundant, inefficient, and manual tracking across branches. It analyses your camera feeds from branches & ATMs and actively transforms them into actionable intelligence.

  • Easily configure AIVID Bots using our pre-defined checklist.
  • Get real-time anomaly alerts.
  • View operational and compliance insights from all locations on one unified dashboard.


AI-based Process Inspection and Review

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Security Compliance

  • Detect unauthorized entries into restricted areas or people loitering after permissible hours
  • People time spend violation at ATM
  • Camera tampering detection
  • Branch/ Vault / FRFC Opening & Closing Time and opened in dual custody
  • Cash dispensed receipt detection
  • Missing object detection
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Workplace Compliance

  • Man-guarding ATMs, the Security guard at the door, Uniform detection
  • Illumination detection in the branch
  • Staff availability compliance
  • Queue length violation
  • Staff Behaviour – Smiling / Greeting/ Interaction
  • Person couching sleeping activity detection
  • People flow heatmap
  • Customer wait time at Lobby and Locker
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Hygiene Compliance

  • Ensure ATM surface is dust-free/litter free
  • Monitor the mopping and cleaning monitoring of designated areas within the branch
  • Cleaning frequency and schedule monitoring
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Safety Compliance

  • Masked and covered face recognition
  • Social Distance Violation & Crowd Detection
  • Track Number of Persons against Number of ATMs

Praoctive Security

Monitor thousands of cameras simultaneously to detect abnormal behavior, objects, or situations to ensure safety of premises across all locations

Deter Thefts

Keep high-value zones like safety vaults, secure lockers, teller service counters safe from theft.

Round the clock monitoring

Optimal resource utilization, automating inspection for compliance management as a continuous process.

Augment your team capacity with AI Vision BOT

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