Staff availability at the front desk

Staff Absent at Front Desk Alert Image

Floor cleanliness detection

Floor cleanliness detection insight

Person wait time detection

Person wait time detection insight

Mobile usage detection

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Occupancy detection

Occupany insight image

Fallen Person detection

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Drive Safety of Patients and Staff

Process Adherence is crucial to Hospitals to improve staff and patient’s safety, security and prevent thefts

But you do face Challenges

Safety and security of expensive pieces of equipment and drugs where many visitors come daily, increasing the risk of organized thefts, crimes, and break-ins.

Consistent adherence & adoption of hygiene & sanitization process for safety and well being of patients

Humongous effort spent on physical monitoring of process adherence across locations

AIVID Platform enables hospitals to improve workplace hygiene, sanitization & safety SOPs consistently. The platform analyses your camera feeds from across the center and actively transforms them into actionable intelligence.

  • Easily configure AIVID Bots using our pre-defined checklist.
  • Get real-time anomaly alerts.
  • View operational and compliance insights from all locations on one unified dashboard with Vision Insights.


AI-based Process Inspection and Review

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Security Compliance

  • Detect objects left unattended, and in the way of emergency areas or blocking fire exits
  • Trespass detection during an unscheduled hour
  • Restricted Area Access Violation
  • Loitering Activity Detection
  • Abandoned Object Detection
  • Camera Tampering Detection
  • Missing Object Detection
  • Person Kneeling detection
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Safety Compliance

  • Social distance violation & crowd detection at counters and lobby
  • Face Mask Detection
  • Patient falling from bed detection
  • PPE uniform compliance monitoring
  • People Aggressive Gesture Detection
  • Frequency of maintenance of AC, Electricals
  • Fire, Smoke monitoring in ICU, & other critical zones
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Hygiene Compliance

  • Monitor the mopping and cleaning in designated areas
  • Floor cleaning frequency compliance
  • Patient Room cleaning schedule compliance
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Patient Care & Workplace Compliance

  • Patient Care Frequency Monitoring
  • Queue length violation
  • Patient Wait time
  • Patient Emotion Detection
  • Staff Availability compliance
  • People flow Heatmap
  • Facial recognition to ensure pharmaceuticals are handled only by authorized staff
  • Uniform detection of nurses and ward boy
  • Staff Behavior monitoring for proximity

Recognize Anomalies

Monitor thousands of cameras simultaneously to detect abnormal behavior, objects, or situations to ensure round-the-clock security of the premises, patients, and staff

Deter Thefts

Keep high-value material safe from theft. Object detections feature also helps to locate expensive equipment in use within large premise.

Resource Efficiency

Make the best use of resources by detecting patterns and people counting to analyze resource efficiency

Automate Peace of Mind, Real time Visibility into Safety and Security of the Premise

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