Vehicle log management

vehicle log management

Automate Inspection, Drive standardization and Improve security

Large Hotel Chains are fiercely driven by their reputation. Reputation built over many years of goodwill and good work can be ruined by a single incident of a security breach, theft, or hygiene if SOPs are not being followed.

But you do face Challenges

Each location follows SOPs  differently giving customers a non-uniform service experience across all properties

Hotels have well-defined SOPs to manage efficient service, but only if they are tracked for compliance, improvements can be done.

Dependent on human surveillance to monitor CCTV feeds across all locations is slow and reactive

AIVID platform enables automate SOPs inspection and adds teeth to the widespread surveillance systems deployed in these places. It analyses your camera feeds from all locations to better manage queues, calculate footfalls, detect intrusion, ensure conformance to SOPs across all locations, and actively transforms them into actionable intelligence.

Deployable at scale for large or multi-site organizations, to centrally manage and act on the intelligence

  • Easily configure AIVID Bots using our pre-defined checklist.
  • Get real-time anomaly alerts.
  • View operational and compliance insights from all locations on one unified dashboard with Vision Insights.


AI-based Process Inspection and Review

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Security Compliance

  • Perimeter and on-premise protection by identifying intruders in restricted areas, loitering detection
  • Fire and smoke detection proactively detects smoke and instantly alerts the security staff
  • Unattended object left on premises
  • Security Guard Availability Compliance
  • Camera Tampering Detection
  • Person Kneeling detection
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Workplace Compliance

  • Measure customers walk-in count, heat map
  • Monitor availability of staff at the reception desk
  • Staff Uniform detection / guard dress code/ Chef Cap detection
  • Customer Insights such as demographics, age, gender
  • Staff Behaviour – Smiling / Greeting/ Interaction
  • Customer wait time Detection
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Hygiene Compliance

  • Frequency of Cleanliness monitoring
  • Clean Reception monitoring
  • Tracking of sanitization activities
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Safety Compliance

  • Social Distance Violation & Crowd Detection
  • People density detection allows the setting up of processes to maintain cleanliness in crowded areas
  • Face Mask Detection

Secure Premises

Manage security of your premises – in the hallways, common areas like bars and pools, and at boundaries. Receive real-time alerts for any anomalous behavior

Ensure Best Practices

Ensure Customer, hygiene and safety best practices across all locations to improve quality of customer service.

Resource Management

Understand the peak hours and frequency of customer visits to your facility to manage customer waiting time, provide better services.

Standardize Process Compliance Across All Locations & Make The Most of Your Video Surveillance

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