PPE Detection

PPE Detection insight image

Crane Hook Lock Detection

Crane hook not properly lock alert notification

Line Crossing Detection

Line Crossing Detection

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Detection Alert Image

Fire Detection

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Improve safety compliance and operational efficiency

As an industrial organization, we understand it is critical to safeguard your organization’s operational integrity and monitor the work environment, protect your employees that allows you to foresee and avoid compensation liability risk, as well as take immediate action in the event of a safety violation.

But you do face Challenges

Industries have well-defined SOPs for managing product quality, but quality cannot be maintained unless they are tracked for compliance.

Dependence on human for manual CCTV surveillance of large and complicated industrial units is slow and inefficient.

Every industrial operation has a primary issue for worker safety. Non-compliance with safety SOPs can result in death and severe penalties for the company.

AIVID AI Inspection automation platform automates inspection of Safety and security SOP compliance through the CCTV such as unauthorized entry or intrusion, It detects SOP non compliance and sends real-time alerts to authorized personnel. AIVID also supports integration with IOT system for end to end automation such as entry upon detection of PPE safety uniform and much more

  • Easily configure AIVID Bots using our pre-defined checklist.
  • Get real-time anomaly alerts.
  • View operational and compliance insights from all locations on one unified dashboard with Vision Insights.


AI based Process Inspection and Review

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Safety Compliance

  • Machine operation detection with real-time alert
  • Safety Uniform Detection
  • Person Fall Detection
  • Entry into restricted area
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Workplace Compliance

  • Inventory counting and monitoring
  • Object loading unloading detection
  • Person occupancy/Heatmap Detection
  • Adherence to SOP compliance
  • Machine idle time detection
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Hygiene Compliance

  • Shop floor cleanliness/obstruction monitoring
  • Illumination Detection
  • Garbage or debris detection
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Security Compliance

  • Unauthorized entry into restricted area detection
  • Vehicle exit/entry monitoring
  • People loitering detection
  • Missing object detection

Acquire operational Intelligence

Optimize production capacity and improve efficiency with ground intelligence.

Enhance workforce productivity

Get real-time Data about your workforce productivity to make better decision, and compliance to laid SOPs.

Eliminate safety hazard

Detection of movement or conditions posting threat to people, products or machine at any given place in real-time, which allows everyone to work in peace and take necessary steps when face with any danger.

Increase Safety and Efficiency with AIVID BOTs

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