Road Safety

Animal detection

Animal Detection

Traffic congestion detection

Traffic Congestion

Number plate & speed detection

Number Plate Detection

Wrong way detection

Wrong way detection alert image

Tipper open-close detection

Number Plate Detection

Axle count

Number Plate Detection

Vehicle classification detection

Number Plate Detection

Secure, Cleaner and Smarter Cities

Highways and public places are easy targets for criminals and accidents. Thousands of people visit these places daily, access to which must be strictly regulated and monitored, for suspicious activities and behaviors to help enhance security and safety of people and assets.

But you do face Challenges

With thousands of cameras across multiple locations, it isn’t easy to focus on each site from the command-and-control center without automated intelligence

Reactive monitoring of Smart-city projects and Traffic rules compliance. Alerting local governing authority of issues before they become a problem

Automating citywide SOPs as issued by authority -such as no more than four people gather at public places, Face mask adherence. Alert to local personnel located at entry/exit gates with all proofs

AIVID Platform enables Public places and National Highways with automated inspection for a wide range of SOPs to better monitor and manage public safety, traffic, and governance at scale and transform cities into self-sustained smart cities. It analyses your camera feeds from all locations and actively transforms them into actionable intelligence.

  • Easily configure AIVID Bots using our pre-defined checklist.
  • Get real-time anomaly alerts.
  • View operational and compliance insights from all locations on one unified dashboard with Vision Insights.


AI-based Process Inspection and Review

Combined Shape

Safety Compliance

  • Social distance violation detection can help to monitor crowds for compliance with COVID-19 guidelines
  • Notify on objects left intentionally or accidentally in public spaces
  • Activity recognition of man-guarding large space and area
  • Staff ID & Name Card detection
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Traffic Compliance

  • Axle Count at Toll Plaza
  • Check whether any vehicle is violating the speed limit
  • Detection of the vehicle going in/coming from the wrong direction
  • Helmet Detection in two-wheeler riders & Seat belt compliance for cars
  • Detect Accidents on-road and send alerts with location details
  • Signal Violation Detection
  • Heavy Vehicle driving Violation in banned areas
  • Vehicle Number plate & Speed detection
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Security Compliance

  • Detect the vehicle’s number plate
  • Identify the blacklisted vehicles
  • Detect stolen vehicles.
  • Detect Vehicles parked illegaly on road

Efficient Public Services

Ensure smooth and efficient adoption of SOPs for public facilities like public information systems, transportation, disaster response, and more

Prevent crimes

Monitor and report unusual behavior across multiple cameras and locations without manual intervention errors

Manage at scale

Reduce complexity and get centralized controls for essential functions like managing the security and governance across all locations.

Make most of video surveillance. Automate inspection, flag issues and drive action

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