Video Intelligence is critical for Intelligent Video Surveillance

Video surveillance has been a part of public discussion for a considerable time now. While there are people on both sides of the argument with plausible takes on how it can help or damage the system, the actual narrative has shifted to intelligent video surveillance.

Take, for instance, in India Tamil Nadu, in a recent event two people with one wearing helmet stole 48 lacs from SBI ATM, the CCTV cameras were very helpful to the investigating team, in the post-incident analysis of the event but were not useful for proactive action by the banks.

Crime and emergency incidents precede the recording. This leaves the camera feeds to serve as records, it does not help in proactive decision-making or immediate responses for damage control.

The surveillance infrastructure can be used to its total capacity only when intelligent, efficient, and around-the-clock monitoring is possible. Understaffed teams cannot monitor the feed 24 x 7. This inadequacy leads to an underutilized system.

How Does Intelligent Video Surveillance Work?

AI video analytics to automate inspection across industries

While CCTV record all events across all locations with great efficiency, however, there is a lot of room for using this data effectively. This is where AI and visual recognition tools can be of tremendous help. Such systems can help in automated, quick, and intelligent monitoring based on video data.

Video Surveillance software delivers real-time intelligence, using deep learning models. The software can detect any change in a scene within a second, send an alert, and deliver a report on the incident. Thus, the entire workflow operates in real-time, eliminating room for error and mitigates the risk of a delayed response.

AI and computer vision-based platforms that work with video surveillance software can generate exceptional value for businesses and government bodies.

Unlike traditional video analytics platforms that are expensive, rigid, and require extensive knowledge to use, AI computer vision-based solutions are more effective, flexible, open, and less expensive. It reduces alert storms and is not plagued with problems faced with traditional technologies.

Benefits of Intelligent Video Surveillance

Benefits of Intelligent Video Surveillance

Video Intelligence when added to video surveillance can generate tremendous value for business and government bodies that can improve security, efficiency while reducing the cost.

We saw the above recent headline about 2 persons who robbed SBI ATMs in Tamil Nadu, but what if the bank had installed video intelligence linked with CCTV video surveillance? This smart technology would have detected this thief with a helmet in real-time and triggered an audio alarm to alert him. Meanwhile, the same man could have been spotted across multiple ATMs, which would inform security personnel to take proactive action. Watch Video

Such a form of E-Surveillance can help in a multitude of use cases to improve the processes, for instance, AI-led video analytics can help in risk management monitoring visual compliance activity like detect employees who are not adhering to onsite company policies on equipment and safety. In addition, such a system can provide insights into the most frequently viewed product in the retail store on the marketing front. To view more, use cases check this page.

Businesses that depend on optimal resource utilization can also use the same solution. For example, companies in the parking management space can better understand the inventory in real-time using a video intelligence platform.


Video surveillance has existed as a concept for decades now. The best part is that the critical investment – the cameras, has already been made. Using intelligent video analysis technology, the effectiveness and capabilities of the already available CCTV networks can be exponentially increased. The government entities and private enterprises already have a vast CCTV network. With AI and computer vision platforms like AIVID, they can access real-time insights.

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