Video Analytics – The Next Step To CCTV Surveillance!

The world is now a step ahead when it comes to CCTV Surveillance Systems. There has been a rise in the use of CCTV surveillance systems as a result of the availability of IP Cameras that support AI-based analytics.

CCTV surveillance without AI-based detection is a huge burden. You can’t just sit and watch all the video footage that is recorded by these systems. It’s even more difficult to track down any issues.

AI-based Video analytics can decrease human intervention, which is why they are helping to improve the quality of CCTV monitoring. Ordinary CCTV cameras usually include a camera and recording system, but with  AI and deep learning-based software, any IP-based CCTV system can be used in conjunction with video analytics.

What is Video Analytics and How it Works?

Face recognition through AI-based video analytics software

Video Analytics is the monitoring of video data to assess, diagnose or optimize business processes. It is often used in conjunction with surveillance systems to provide information about people and objects in the camera’s field of view. We have another blog detailing on how to setup your CCTV  for Intelligent operations, you can read it here.

In brief Video analytics software monitors and records what happens in front of the camera. It can measure things like pedestrian traffic, analyze people’s facial expressions or assess how long a person has been standing at a certain place. This way it can provide insights on how to improve business operations, for example by increasing parking availability or by predicting queue lengths for different services.

Benefits of AI Video Analytics in CCTV Monitoring

Real-time insights and notification on AIVID Portal

The application of AI in video analytics has benefits that are not available when only human operators are used for monitoring CCTV camera videos. The AI-powered video surveillance systems offer a number of benefits that include better accuracy in identifying persons or objects appearing in the recorded footage, reduced costs due to reduced staffing requirements, and reduced risk due to minimized false alarms.

Let us now check some of its benefits:

1. Automate detection of minutest unusual activity in frame

Video analytics helps businesses in various industries, like retail, gas stations, office buildings, and more. It can help improve your security by detecting many unusual events like

  • Someone snooping around the perimeter.
  • Trespass detection or unauthorized access.
  • An unidentified vehicle parked in a restricted area.
  • Detection of unknown objects in sensitive areas.

2. Business operation insights from CCTV Monitoring

AI Video analytics is more efficient than traditional methods of getting on-ground insights because they combine data analysis with CCTV camera feeds. This kind of information is highly valuable to businesses to help improve operations. In a work setting, there are many ways that video analytics can be used

  • They can be used to keep track of how many customers enter and exit a particular business on any given day
  • Compliance with SOP guidelines across all locations
  • To assess customer demographics
  • To evaluate important performance indicators such as the number of customers who visit the store each month or the amount of time spent exploring in a specific region of the store.

3. Crime reduction and deterrence

AI Platform for CCTV is an excellent complement to your CCTV system for improving workplace safety and security while also reducing crime. By recognizing an intruder, suspicious objects, and break-ins, as well as specific persons, video analytics can help to prevent crime. They provide us with many features such as,

  • Facial and number plate recognition
  • Motion detection
  • Alarm activation
  • Identification of Loitering or any abandoned objects

4. Continuous CCTV monitoring across all locations

CCTV Video Analytics system allows you to successfully manage several CCTV cameras. Like a standard CCTV Surveillance System, it doesn’t require many security guards to continuously watch the camera monitors as the AI CCTV Monitoring Software itself watches it for you and also notifies you of any action if needed.

5. Intelligent video monitoring and movement tracking

When any area has unauthorized activity or has been invaded, intelligent video surveillance can trace movements across restricted regions and locations, alerting security professionals or business owners. This is especially useful in large sites like warehouses, corporate offices, or manufacturing plants, where small security teams are responsible for monitoring thousands of square feet of area.

Wrapping Up

AI Platform for CCTV is here to make our lives better by assisting us with automating mundane repetitive tasks. Continuous CCTV monitoring is a waste of time and can be frustrating if done manually. With AI-based video analytics you’re able to have a safer environment and improve other areas of the business at the same time. It is no longer enough to just install CCTV video surveillance, it needs to be powered with AI Video Analytics.

AIVID TechVision offers a visual inspection automation platform powered by the latest cloud technology. With simplified UI and checklist activity predefined with AIVID BOT – deep learning bots, Ready to deploy platform without getting into the complication of Tech. Our expert team will work with you to integrate video analytics into a new or existing CCTV system, Get in touch with us today.

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